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Resources to help you start living a vegan life
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Below are resources we have selected to help you start living a vegan life. The resources vary from documentaries, recipes and support groups to nutritional information.
Documentaries / Must-sees

Dominion (animal use)
Cowspiracy (environment) Watch on Netflix
The Game Changers (plantbased sports) Watch on Netflix
What the Health (health) Watch on Netflix
Earthlings (animal use)
Forks over knives (health) Watch on Netflix
Seaspiracy (fish, the oceans)

Our Planet (David Attenborough) Watch on Netflix
Beyond the Flood (Leonardo Dicaprio) Watch on Netflix
H.O.P.E. (Jane Goodall)
101 reasons to go vegan (James Wildman) 10 min. version
Animals should be off the menu (Philip Wollen)
The secret reason we eat meat (Melanie Joy)

Information / platforms for a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle

Nutritionfacts (website/app)
- The Vegan Society (website) (website)

Vegan lifestyle channels, tools, websites, recipes

HappyCow (website/app) Find Vegan options nearby
Avantgarde Vegan (Youtube) Culinary recipe videos
Pick Up Limes (Youtube) Videos on food, health & wellness
- Bosh! (Youtube) Recipes for everyone and every day

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