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United for Life stands up for all life

United for Life is raising public awareness about the exploitation of animals and the current threats due to climate change, environmental pollution and the destruction of nature. We promote the vegan lifestyle because it is the largest that an individual can do directly to contribute to solving some of the biggest problems of our time.

The various animal industries (meat, dairy, eggs, fur and others) cause enormous animal suffering and many other problems. But there is more.

Our planet is the basis of all life. Our current way of life destroys this basis and thereby threatens all life. Examples are deforestation for agricultural land or mining, damage to the environment by, for example, the plastic soup and the loss of biodiversity, caused among other things by the emission of greenhouse gases. Humans have a huge impact on the ongoing climate disruption. This ecological impairment also entails an enormous amount of animal suffering.

This has to stop. We must move toward a society without speciesism in which we are in balance with the earth. Every animal has the right to a good life in freedom.


Be part of something bigger. Together we can change the world and lay the foundation for a livable planet without speciesism.

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