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Circle of Life

A Circle of Life event is a (legal) demonstration conducted by a team of volunteers. This team consists of two parts. Volunteers choose which part they participate in, each part is equally important. Changing is possible during the event (if desired).


Volunteers wearing a recognizable animal mask stand on the Circle team. Every volunteer has one of the signs or a device on which images of animal exploitation or the destruction of our planet (environment and climate) are shown.


The Outreach team starts conversations with bypassers who show interest. They explain what is being shown in the footage and why we need to change this.

The biggest step that an individual can immediately take to contribute to the solution is to switch to a vegan lifestyle. To take the first steps, we offer a card with a vegan challenge and various information resources.

A powerful statement

The Circle of Life event is both a demonstration to create a powerful statement and a tool with which we create awareness among the public. As a participant, the Circle offers you the chance to make a difference together with like-minded people!

If you endorse our core values you can organise your Circle of Life. Everything you need can be found on our team pages!

In addition to the Circles, more events like workshops, conferences or food-tasting events are being organized. And we also unite in marches, like the Official Animal Rights march. Within our core values you can also organise your own United for Life event.

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