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United we can realize a livable planet without speciesism. Join our movement and you will see the positive energy you will get from being involved together with people who have the same goal in mind.

The Circle of Life event is a ready-made concept that you can use to get involved. If a Circle of Life is already being organized in your city, you can participate. But you can also organize a Circle yourself! As long as you endorse to the core values, you can organize a Circle wherever you want today.

Do you have a different exciting event in mind that fits within the core values? Great! Together we create a strong United for Life.

Our community comes together online in this Facebook group. For more information or questions this is the right place to be.

Core Values

We have drawn up a number of core values as United for Life. These are the pillars of the organization and form the basis for everything we do. For everyone who endorses these principles, he or she is free to set up activities in name of United for Life. It is then important that these activities and their expressions are in line with these core values. They are as follows:

  • Vegan and sustainable living in balance with, within the capacity of the planet;
  • Inspire / inform / connect / build bridges;
  • Do not encourage prejudices about Veganism or Veganism and where possible explain and invalidate them;
  • The idea of Compassion / Empathy / (spiritual) propagation of Progress;
  • We do our best to communicate only reliable information;
  • Dot on the horizon. We want to convey a vision of a way of life that is balanced in all respects with the planet, and allows other animals to live in freedom. You don't have to be perfect right now;
  • "Normalize" veganism and eco-friendly behavior. Try to set the new "normal"
  • We start from the idea that most people have good intentions and strive to do "good". We try to link this to a sense of "action-focus;
  • Connection is important. Also within the group of people who are committed to and with United for Life. In this regard we also want to organize activities that enhance connection;
  • Space to be yourself. People must feel free and able to express themselves. Without judgment;
  • "Grassroots". We are organized from the bottom up and do not, in principle, apply hierarchy. Everybody that agrees with our core values, who is interested and wants to do something, can develop various initiatives and make decisions at United for Life.

Organise an event

If you want to organize a United for Life event, just submit the event. The Facebook event and all other requirements (such as the accompanying images) will then be created.

We have all sorts of material and design files available such as outreach cards, recruitment cards, signs, banners, flags or posters. Still missing something or would you like a specific design for your event? Then do not hesitate and contact us.

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